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Cannabinoids - Marijuana, Hemp, Echinacea, and Beyond

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Cannabinoids - Marijuana, Hemp, Echinacea, and Beyond

Watch as Hormone expert Dr. Patrick Flynn teaches on cannabinoids in a way you've never heard before!

HERE WE GO!!!  Its time to learn the truth.  Remove the politics, money and hippie dope freaks and come see how Cannabinoids can change your life.  On Tuesday July 25th at 6pm we will have a couple hours to go get the true understanding of Cannabinoids.  I will have oils and edibles there to try (all legal stuff so nothing that will cause anyone to go to prison), I have people and manufacturers calling me from all over the country already to participate and support and also watch.  So sign up now, and get your ticket for the event that will show you the science behind cannabinoids, and the corruption behind keeping this away from the public. By the way - you can get CBD's from more than just marijuana, and that's what you all need to know.

P.S. To say this again so no one freaks out and says something stupid let me make this clear, I AM AGAINST SMOKING MARIJUANA, I HAVE NEVER DONE IT AND I NEVER WILL, I AM CLEAR ABOUT THIS !!! Now that being said don't let me hear any of you say this is going to be a pothead seminar.
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