May 18, 2017 06 00 PM CDT
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DIABETES: Reversing 40 Years of Lies

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DIABETES: Reversing 40 Years of Lies

High blood sugar.  High blood pressure.  Excess body fat (especially around the middle!).  Abnormal cholesterol levels. Fatigue. Low libido.  What do they have in common?  They all increase your risk of serious health conditions, and they are all highly impacted by SUGAR.

American foods have never been sweeter, and Americans have never been sicker.  Coincidence?  

Watch and learn from Dr. Jason Nobles, as he presents the TRUTH about sugar, metabolic disorders, and shares with you the ONE thing he had to change to reverse his own diabetes.  

Sugar kills.  Always sweetly and often silently.  How can you make sure you and your loved ones aren't the next victims?  Don't miss this opportunity to find out!  
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